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Guide To Dubai
Guide To Dubai  

Dubai offers an extensive horizon of things to do, see, experience and learn. It is surrounded by mysterious deserts, sand dunes and the stunning Hajar Mountains, it is divided by the Creek which is essentially an inlet from the gulf splitting the commercial centre of Dubai in two, and within the city you'll find amazing beach resorts, incredibly high tech buildings all side by side with old traditional houses and mosques giving you a peek of just what variety you can expect from your time in Dubai.

History & Heritage

A trip to the Dubai museum will give you a glimpse into Dubai's fascinating past. You can also visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's house to view a collection of old photographs. The heritage and diving village at Dubai is a must see for all traditional arts and crafts lovers.

A one-and-a-half hour drive along east Dubai's road leads to Hatta. This pleasantly green valley is a small enclave in the dramatic, arid Hajar Mountains and is completely surrounded by land belonging to Oman, Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah. Here, the charming Hatta Fort Hotel with its beautiful gardens give a warm welcome to visitors.

Nearer to Dubai, and only about 20 kilometers inland, are the twin oases of Khawanij and Awir. These oases can be reached in 25 minutes from the town center. They have been extensively developed over the past 20 years and boast fine country houses with superb gardens for some of Dubai's leading families.

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